Droid 3 Appeals With Great Design

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5. The slide-out keyboard is important

Although consumers might scoff at the slide-out keyboard in the Droid 3, enterprise users especially will be happy to see it. Touch screens simply aren't conducive to typing out long emails or quick documents in the workplace. Since Apple's iOS virtual keyboard is better than Android's option, the Droid 3's slide-out keyboard is a welcome addition.

6. Verizon is still an advantage

Although Verizon announced plans to ditch unlimited data plans for tiered data, the company is still arguably the best carrier option in the United States. It has outstanding 3G coverage, its pricing is in line with other carriers, and its 4G network is far and away the best on the market. For now, Verizon is a winner, and that makes the Droid 3 a favorite.

7. Enterprise features are there

Motorola seems heavily invested in ensuring that the Droid 3 comes with enterprise features. This model has device and SD card encryption and remote data wipe. What's more, it comes with Citrix GoToMeeting. Though it might not top the list of companies' most-desired smartphones, the Droid 3 isn't necessarily a bad option.

8. HDMI-out is important

The nice thing about the Droid 3 is that it appeals to both consumers and enterprise users. One of its nicest consumer features is an HDMI output, allowing users to connect the device to their HDTV and watch multimedia content, including photos, videos and movies. Considering the growing popularity of video content, having the ability to take a clip from the smartphone and watch it on a big-screen set sounds awfully appealing.

9. A strong design

When companies are competing against Apple's iPhone 4, there is one major requirement in the marketplace: a great design. And luckily for the Droid 3, the device boasts a design that consumers will like. When it's closed, the device has a large, prominent display that hides its slide-out keyboard. Its black finish helps maintain its sleek look. It's not as thin as some other devices that lack a physical keyboard, but it's still easily mobile. All in all, the Droid 3 has a great design.

10. Don't forget Motorola

In the mobile market, Motorola's name carries quite a bit of weight. Granted, it's not Apple, but next to Samsung, consumers might trust the Motorola brand more than just about any other Android vendor. And for good reason. Motorola has a long track record of delivering outstanding devices that do a fine job of taking on Apple's iPhone. By the look of things, the Motorola Droid 3 follows those devices along that path.

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