Winners Are Worth Getting Excited About

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5. It justifies its price

Some have criticized the Droid Bionic's $299.99 price tag with a two-year agreement. The critics say that the device should be priced at $199, so it can match Apple's baseline 16GB-equipped iPhone 4. However, those people need to realize that the Droid Bionic has a bigger display than the iPhone 4, comes with 4G connectivity, and thanks to a 16GB microSD card, offers a total of 32GB of storage out of the box. For $299.99, it's a good deal.

6. The Verizon element is important

Verizon Wireless is simply the best carrier in the business. The company has superior coverage, and as the latest customer-service reports have shown, it does one of the best jobs of taking care of its customers. That's why Motorola's decision to bring the Droid Bionic to Verizon store shelves is an important element in its appeal. Simply put, if the Droid Bionic was running on Sprint or T-Mobile's network, it wouldn't be as worthwhile of a purchase.

7. The verdicts are in

Some reviewers have already gotten their hands on the Droid Bionic. So far, the vast majority of those people have been quite impressed. In fact, one reviewer, Mark W. Smith, at the Detroit Free Press, said that the device is definitely "worth buying." That's a good thing for consumers to keep in mind. The Droid Bionic has captured the attention and the respect of reviewers, which means it's a winner. Winners are worth getting excited about.

8. Superior camera quality

The iPhone 4 has been heavily criticized for its comparatively sub-par camera quality. However, that won't happen with the Droid Bionic. Motorola's handset offers 8-megapixel resolution, complete with autofocus and flash. For those that want to capture video, the device supports 1,080p recording, which means they can connect their Droid Bionic to a 1,080p HDTV and watch that content on the set in all its HD glory. People looking to capture their family's special moments will like that.

9. Don't forget the Google element

Google recently announced plans to acquire Motorola in a $12.5 billion acquisition. That's something that consumers considering buying the Droid Bionic or any other Motorola device should keep in mind. If regulators approve the deal, Google could help Motorola become an even more successful Android handset maker. And it might not be long before Motorola offers the best versions of Android (and perhaps even the top devices) in that ecosystem. The Droid Bionic was in the works long before Google acquired Motorola, but it might be a good time to buy the device and see what comes of it after the search giant completes its acquisition.

10. An enterprise option?

Android-based devices aren't typically cited as worthwhile enterprise choices, but the Droid Bionic might just be different. According to Motorola, the device will ship with Citrix GotoMeeting, as well as Citrix Receiver for Android. In addition, the device will offer "advanced security policies" for IT staff to tinker with. Admittedly, there are better enterprise handsets already available, namely from RIM, but companies willing to take a look at an Android phone might find a winner in the Droid Bionic.

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