Enterprise Mobility: Motorola Photon 4G vs. Samsung Focus in Android, Windows Phone 7 Face-Off

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2011-08-12 Print this article Print
Focus, Photon 4G Face Off

Focus, Photon 4G Face Off

The Focus weighs only 4 ounces, compared with the Photon 4G, which weighs a hefty 5.6 ounces, largely to account for the bigger battery required to fuel the radio and data at 4G speeds. As with Android phones, which require a Google account to sync Gmail, Android Market and other Web services, we were required to enter our Windows Live account information to sync our social and phone contacts with the Focus. This worked like a breeze. Note the contacts in the upper-right-hand corner of the WP7 tiles. Yes, WP7 uses application hubs, compared with Android and iPhone's grid-like application UI.
A wise man once said that a man shouldn't comment on a platform unless he has spent time with it. Actually, it's pretty much a standard rule in high-tech gadgetry, which is why eWEEK has remained quiet in comparing Google's Android operating system to Microsoft Windows Phone 7. WP7 is the OS the software maker is betting its mobile future on as it seeks to become that third horse that Research in Motion is failing to become versus Android and Apple's iPhone in the smartphone race. eWEEK spent the last couple of weeks using AT&T's Samsung Focus, a deliciously light little gadget powered by WP7's "NoDo" platform. We're comparing the NoDo loaded Focus to Sprint's Motorola Photon 4G Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" handset. Of course, the Photon 4G is a 4G-powered phone, so we're tossing speed comparisons out the window. We're also not going to compare hardware, since the Focus could pass for a Galaxy S Android device before it's powered on. This is limited to a side-by-side comparison of the Android Gingerbread and WP7 NoDo user interfaces to give users a feel for what Microsoft has achieved in short order. For this comparison, eWEEK has tested Android phones since the Motorola Droid and Droid Eris in November 2009. We understand Microsoft failed to get NoDo out the door in a timely fashion, and we're wondering whether the company has addressed issues to get "Mango" phones to the public in time for the fall. Regardless, this is our first comparison between Android and WP7, and we have come away impressed by the gorgeous software. Take the quick tour of the Samsung Focus and Photon 4G.

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