Apple Keeps Defining the Mobile Market

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-02-24 Print this article Print


5. Better graphics technology is important

Apple made an interesting move with its new line of MacBook Pros by bringing AMD Radeon graphics to the 15- and 17-inch versions of the computer. The update, according to Apple's own estimates, offers up to three times better performance over previous versions of the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros, which have Nvidia graphics cards inside. Not bad.

6. They keep the fine design

Although some say that the latest MacBook Pro line is just a minor update over its predecessor because there weren't any changes to its design, Apple was smart to keep things the same. The MacBook Pro is a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing device. It arguably offers a better design than the vast majority of laptops it competes with in the marketplace. In light of that, Apple's design choice makes sense. And the computers are all the more appealing because of it.

7. The OS is impressive

At the same time, it's important to note that Apple's new MacBook Pro line is about more than just hardware. When users boot up their computers, they will be working with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Enterprise customers take issue with Mac OS X because it lacks the program support they find on Windows. But the operating system is quite appealing to consumers who want a simpler and potentially safer environment to work in. Combine the MacBook Pro line's impressive hardware with its highly touted software, and it seems like a winner.

8. It continues to be about mobility and power

The mobile market is changing rapidly. And to some extent, Apple can be blamed for that. The company's iPhone has changed what people want in smartphones. Its iPad has almost single-handedly ruined the market for netbooks and lightweight notebooks. But there is still an important group of customers who want devices that can deliver mobility while still offering power. The MacBook Pro delivers that. Apple's 13-inch model is easily mobile, but still boasts solid performance for the size. Its 17-inch model is a workhorse that offers desktoplike functionality in a mobile frame. All that combines to make the MacBook Pro line a fine complement to more mobile products consumers can find elsewhere.

9. The HD Webcam might actually be important

Apple has brought a FaceTime HD Webcam to the MacBook Pro models. Admittedly, a nicer Webcam isn't all that groundbreaking. But when one considers that owners of the new MacBook Pro can now chat via FaceTime with other Mac owners, as well as those on an iPhone 4 or the new iPod Touch, it quickly becomes clear that Apple might be on to something with FaceTime. The functionality could be a big win for enterprise customers who want to use video chatting across different platforms.

10. They're facing basic competitors

When it's all said and done, the new MacBook Pros need to be compared to the competition. Aside from boutique vendors, it seems that Apple understands more than any other major PC maker, including Dell and HP, exactly what consumers are looking for in a laptop. The company's MacBook Pros offer a sleek design, impressive specs and an operating system that most are happy to use. All that combines to make the new MacBook Pro a standout among competing products from other top PC makers. 



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