Those Who Want Something More Than the Same Old iOS Feel Might Be Disappointed

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5. It€™s a slightly smaller screen size

Although Apple has stuck with the 9.7-inch display with all three iPads, the new tablet is facing off with products that go a step further, boasting a 10.1-inch offering. Although that might not seem like a lot, the difference is quite noticeable. And when trying to view video or scroll through a Web page, it€™s an issue. Apple should have delivered a bigger Retina Display in the new iPad.

6. Still no ports

Arguably one of the new iPad€™s biggest flaws is its lack of available ports. There is no USB port on the new iPad, nor a place to plug a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable directly into the tablet. Instead, Apple forces customers to buy adapters that can hook into the device€™s Dock connector. When will Apple finally offer ports in its iPad?

7. Developers are behind

Due to Apple€™s desire for secrecy, the company doesn€™t tip its product plans to many developers before an announcement. That has historically resulted in developers being behind Apple in bringing programs to the market that can match the device€™s functionality. As of this writing, for example, a shockingly small number of apps fully take advantage of Apple's Retina Display.

8. WiFi issues

According to some new iPad owners, the device has some trouble connecting to WiFi signals, and in some cases, doesn€™t allow users to even get on the Web through WiFi. In my experience, the iPad has connected to WiFi networks without any trouble, but it€™s something to at least keep in mind before making a purchase.

9. No Siri

Before Apple launched the new iPad, just about everyone thought that the device would come with Siri support. Unfortunately, Apple didn't go that farand decided instead to offer voice dictation from the device. While that feature works exceedingly well, it€™s no Siri. And that€™s a problem.

10. iOS 5.1 isn€™t a major improvement

Apple€™s new iPad ships with iOS 5.1, an operating system that certainly gets the job done and behaves the way customers would want, but doesn€™t break any new ground in the mobile space. For those who are used to iOS and happy with its functionality, that€™s a good thing. But those who want something other than the same old iOS feel will be sorely disappointed by the software.

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