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5. iOS 5.1 isn't groundbreaking

Apple's iOS 5.1 is out now for iPhone and iPad owners. The update, which was released last week, comes with few improvements over its predecessor, iOS 5, making it a less-than-groundbreaking launch. The reviewers noted that fact, and indicated that those who are comfortable using iOS 5 on the iPhone or iPad now will feel right at home with iOS 5.1.

6. iOS is still the top OS, though

Despite iOS 5.1 not being a groundbreaking launch, it's important to point out that the reviewers believe it's still a top-notch option in the new iPad. There is a good reason for this. Apple's iOS platform is the best mobile operating system out there, delivering high-quality features, intuitive design and security. What's not to like?

7. The improved camera matters

One of the biggest complaints with the iPad 2 has been its camera. In the new iPad, reviewers say the improved camera matters quite a bit, delivering far better picture quality and a level of video recording that we just don't find in sub-$1,000 devices any longer. Expect the new iPad's camera to impress you when you break the device out of the box.

8. Apple lovers will love it

If there's anything to be said about the new iPad is that it comes with a decidedly "Apple" feel. And that means today's Apple fans will fall in love with the device. Apple fully understands what it takes to be successful, and it knows how to attract its loyal fan base. The new iPad's design and features reflect that.

9. It justifies the price

If nothing else, Apple's new iPad makes it abundantly clear that the company knows how to price products. Sure, $499 and $629 is expensive for a tablet featuring 16GB of storage, but it's also spot-on in the market, if it's compared to competing devices. Plus, if Apple's device really is the best tablet on the market, as nearly all the reviewers say, wouldn't that make it an even better buy? Say what you will about dropping $500 or more for a tablet, but Apple's new iPad pricing might just make sense.

10. It might just be the best iPad ever

When it's all said and done and the reviewers had the chance to consider the new iPad as a whole package, it became abundantly clear that this was yet another improvement over previous tablets from Apple. Simply put, Apple has done it again€”the third-generation iPad is its best yet.

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