Apples Brand Is Still More Highly Valued Than Others

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5. Siri is coming in iOS 6

Apple's Siri platform is coming to iOS 6. When that happens, expect many more customers to jump at the chance to buy one of Apple's tablets. After all, Siri has a lot of potential and it's much better than the voice dictation the current iOS version in the new iPad offers. Siri is a distinguishing feature that can't be overlooked.

6. Enterprise usability

The corporate world is increasingly warming to the idea of bringing a tablet to the office, so it's no surprise that Apple's iPad has been winning over corporate users. Until Samsung's tablet can do a better job of appealing to enterprise users, it'll have trouble breaking into the office.

7. The iPad's 4G is major

Apple's new iPad ships with 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) service. That's a major component in the device's value. When Apple's iPad lacked 4G, it was easy to choose other devices that supported the mobile network. But now that Apple has cut off that one advantage, it's hard for customers to find too much value in alternatives.

8. The App Store still reigns supreme

Apple's App Store is still the top application marketplace in the world. Yes, the Galaxy Tab 2 can access trusted Android marketplaces, like the Android Market, but who cares? Apple's App Store still has more high-quality apps, and in terms of security, it hasn't yet been beaten.

9. The iTunes element

Thanks to the iPod, millions of people around the globe have vast music libraries sitting in iTunes. And rather than convert all those to a new platform that will work on the Galaxy Tab and use a whole new interface, users would rather just stick with iTunes. That's a major problem for Samsung€”and something that can't be overlooked.

10. Apple is Apple

When it's all said and done, Apple is, well, Apple. The company has been delivering value to customers for years, and it's well-trusted. Although the same might be said for Samsung, Apple's brand is still more highly valued than all others. Apple is Apple. And Samsung is Samsung. And that's a problem for the Galaxy Tab maker.

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