Can Microsoft Keep Mobile Legitimacy With Windows Phone?

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5. Developers, anyone?

One of the biggest issues facing Windows Phone 7 is its general lack of available applications compared with competitors. If the Lumia 900 becomes successful and Microsoft can string together a few more hot-selling handset models, developers might come running.

6. Legitimacy matters at this point

Microsoft has yet to prove that it€™s a legitimate player in the mobile market. As of right now, Apple€™s iOS and Android are the only operating systems that matter. With help from the Nokia Lumia 900, Microsoft might be able to establish itself as another legitimate contender to the mobile market crown.

7. An acquisition consideration

Since Nokia and Microsoft inked the Windows Phone 7 partnership last year, rumors have been cropping up suggesting Microsoft might consider acquiring Nokia outright. If the Lumia 900 succeeds and other devices from the firm follow suit, Microsoft might just consider it. Based on Microsoft€™s current place in the mobile space, it wouldn€™t be such a bad idea to acquire Nokia if it€™s growing. And Microsoft knows that.

8. It builds the hype

One of the core elements of success in today€™s mobile space is hype. With it, companies and devices can succeed; without it, they€™ll fail. In Microsoft€™s case, there€™s almost no hype surrounding its mobile platform. If the Lumia 900 continues to succeed and sales get stronger, hype will follow. And in the process, more Windows Phone 7-based devices will win buyers€™ attention.

9. Nokia stays put

Although Microsoft and Nokia have signed a deal to make Windows Phone 7 the primary operating system on Nokia€™s line of handsets, it doesn€™t mean that the mobile firm will stay put indefinitely. If Windows Phone 7 doesn€™t work for Nokia, the company will have to move to another platform, like Android. But if the Lumia 900 becomes a full-fledged winner, Microsoft won€™t have to worry so much about Nokia going elsewhere for software.

10. Leverage with other vendors

As noted, a successful Lumia 900 could make more vendors want to join the Windows Phone 7 fray. And if that happens, Microsoft might finally have some leverage that it doesn€™t have right now. After all, as nice as it would be to license the software to another vendor, if Microsoft has some successful companies already delivering its software, it can dictate better terms to the new entrant. Leverage is everything in the mobile space€”and Microsoft knows it.

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