Nokia Lumia 900 Won't Beat the iPhone: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-04-03 Print this article Print

NEWS ANALYSIS: Nokia's Lumia 900 is being positioned as yet the latest contender in the unending search for a real iPhone killer. But those of us who know better realize that just won't happen. The fact is that Nokia, once the world's mobile handset market leader, no longer has the market power to seriously challenge the iPhone.

The high-end smartphone market is about to become a bit more crowded in the U.S. with the upcoming launch of Nokia€™s Lumia 900. The smartphone, which will come in the customer€™s color choice of blue, black or white, is being touted as yet the latest potentially strong competitor to Apple€™s iPhone. Moreover, the device€™s $100 price tag with a two-year agreement is making many wonder if Apple might have to drop the price of its smartphone to compete.

However, all those arguments fail to see what€™s really happening in the mobile space, and the way in which Nokia is viewed by today€™s consumers. Although the company was once the world€™s top mobile handset maker, it€™s now losing its grip. And as nice as the Lumia 900 might be, it€™s no match for the top smartphone on the market today, Apple€™s iPhone. Simply put, all this talk of Nokia possibly hurting Apple€™s iPhone falls short for several reasons.

Read on to find out why the Nokia Lumia 900 will never beat Apple€™s iPhone:

1. This is Nokia, after all

Looking at Nokia€™s current market share numbers, which have been in rapid decline, it€™s not hard to wonder why so few people believe the company will be able to beat the iPhone. Nokia is losing its appeal to customers around the world, and to think that a single device can change that situation is outrageous€”especially when it€™s going up against the iPhone.

2. Windows Phone 7 won€™t cut it

Let€™s not forget that the Nokia Lumia 900 is running Windows Phone 7, an operating system that few consumers know and care about. There€™s little debating that Windows Phone 7 is a worthwhile software platform that more people should try. But it€™s no Apple iOS. Thus, there isn€™t exactly a stampede of users to try out Windows Phone 7. With Windows Phone 7 running on the Lumia 900, Nokia€™s device has little chance of success.

3. The price turns people away

Some might say that by offering the Nokia Lumia 900 for $100 with a two-year agreement, the company might attract many more customers. But that€™s just not the case. Apple€™s iPhone is the gold standard in the marketplace, and it retails for $200. Any device that€™s priced cheaper than that looks like an underpowered alternative. And that€™s exactly what the Lumia 900 looks like.

4. Nokia€™s odd design ideas

Look at the Nokia Lumia 900 and compare the device€™s design to the iPhone 4S. Notice anything? Right: an oddly childlike design choice. The iPhone 4S features an elegant design that catches consumers€™ eyes. The Nokia Lumia 900€™s choices of colors make it seem like any other Windows Phone 7 device on the market. The time has come for Nokia to care more about design.

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