Nokia Falls Short on Market Buzz

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-04-03 Print this article Print

5. Apps

One of the biggest issues with Windows Phone 7 is its general lack of apps. Sure, it has about 50,000 applications at this point, but Apple has exponentially more than that in its App Store. Until Microsoft can figure out the application development issue discourages many developers from porting games to the platform, any one of today€™s Windows Phone 7-based devices will be left out in the cold.

6. Where€™s the hype?

Did you know that the Nokia Lumia 900 was launching soon? No? Not many other people did, either. Unfortunately, even after all these years, Nokia still hasn€™t mastered the art of hype. Apple, meanwhile, has, and whenever one of its products is ready to launch, everyone€™s talking about it. Until Nokia can deliver some hype, it€™ll be hard for the Lumia to keep up.

7. The AT&T problem

Nokia€™s Lumia 900 will only be available on AT&T€™s network. In today€™s hotly contested market where devices are available on nearly every carrier€™s service, that€™s a major liability for the device. Even Apple€™s iPhone, which was once exclusive to AT&T, is now available on Verizon and Sprint networks. Exclusivity is a major liability nowadays.

8. LTE will almost undoubtedly come to the iPhone 5

One of the Lumia 900€™s trump cards, some folks say, is its 4G LTE connectivity. The iPhone 4S lacks connectivity with the ultra-high-speed network, making the Lumia 900 a potentially better option. But let€™s not forget that the iPhone 5 will almost undoubtedly come with 4G LTE. And that device could stifle any chance of the Lumia 900 winning out in the mobile market.

9. There€™s a higher bar for success

Judging success in the mobile space isn€™t always easy. Samsung€™s devices are widely viewed as successful, even though individual product shipments can€™t match the iPhone€™s. For Nokia, the bar for success is much more difficult to achieve, since the company€™s device has such high expectations. The Lumia 900 is supposed to be the iPhone killer. But if it can€™t come close to achieving that goal, it€™ll be viewed as a loser. And losers just don€™t kill the top devices in the mobile space.

10. The U.S. is a major liability

Elsewhere around the world, Nokia has done a middling job of succeeding in the mobile space. But in recent years, Nokia has been largely ignored by customers especially in the U.S. who want more advanced devices. Given that, how can anyone think that the Lumia 900 will beat the iPhone? Apple is a hero to American consumers. Let€™s not forget that.

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