The New OS Took a Backseat to Features Specific to the Lumias

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Both phones will run Windows Phones 8. And while Jo Belfiore, manager of Microsoft's Windows Phone program, showed off a number of neat new features and details that can be customized, the new OS-which will also run on devices from Nokia competitors-took a backseat during the event to features specific to the Lumias.

There are applications that will be exclusive to the Lumias for a time-for example, a Red Bull app will be exclusive for nine months, and Vimeo and Angry Birds Roost apps for three months. There's also a Nokia City Lens app that, when the camera is open to the street, overlays information about restaurants, hotels, public transportation and whatever else comes into the camera's path.

There are also enhancements to Nokia's Drive, Transport and Maps apps, which are now better linked and said to offer the "most comprehensive, integrated mapping experience of any smartphone," according to Nokia, and partnerships with brands such as FatBoy, which has created a little charging pillow that Nokia suggests one keep couch-side, so that you and your phone can take a power nap together.

"New features with an evolution of a winning form factor can help Nokia stand out from both other Windows Phone vendors as well as other competitors. No consumer will mistake these phones for other devices on the market," Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg told eWEEK.

"Nokia has shown that they can clearly be different, but they must show consumers that different is also better," Gartenberg added. "Nokia is Microsoft's best chance at being relevant in mobile and at the same time help to drive the overall Windows 8 story forward."

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, after heartily shaking the hand of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, signed off by telling the audience, "This is Lumia, the world's most innovative smartphone."

Michelle Maisto has been covering the enterprise mobility space for a decade, beginning with Knowledge Management, Field Force Automation and eCRM, and most recently as the editor-in-chief of Mobile Enterprise magazine. She earned an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia University, and in her spare time obsesses about food. Her first book, The Gastronomy of Marriage, if forthcoming from Random House in September 2009.

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