Nokia Must Be Able to Appeal to Consumers With a Decidedly Non-Nokia Feel

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5. A U.S. rollout first and foremost

Unfortunately, Nokia has been slow to bring its latest devices to the United States. The company has instead decided to deliver its smartphones in Europe and parts of Asia before targeting the key U.S. market. With its Windows 8 tablet, Nokia will need to unleash a full assault on North America, and allow the others to suffer. As history has shown, a U.S. rollout in the tablet space is a fine first step.

6. Competitive pricing

Apple has given Nokia the opening it needs to build a tablet people will like. The iPhone maker€™s new tablet comes in at a starting price of $499. For those who want 4G LTE, they€™ll need to pay $629 and up. If Nokia can offer a Windows 8-based device with strong features and a slightly cheaper price, it might make at least some people think twice about the iPad.

7. A decidedly non-Nokia feel

Take a look at the recent devices Nokia has sold, including both its Symbian handsets and Windows Phone 7 phones. Notice anything special? No? Neither have today€™s consumers. Nokia has lost its ability to appeal to today€™s consumer, and unless it can change its tack and find a way to appeal to customers with a decidedly non-Nokia feel, it won€™t win the tablet market.

8. A desire to appeal to all customers

Although Nokia has tried in the past to appeal to enterprise users, for the most part, it has focused on consumers. With its Windows 8-based tablet, it has the opportunity to coax both types of customers to its product. Windows 8 is an operating system the enterprise and consumers will use. If Nokia remembers that, it€™ll be successful.

9. Ample storage

Apple is only offering 64GB of storage in its new iPad, despite the company claiming that the device will replace today€™s PCs. However, today€™s PCs have far more storage than 64GB. If Nokia wants to be successful, it€™ll have to remember that and deliver ample storage. At least 128GB should do.

10. New branding

The very last thing Nokia should do with its Windows 8 tablet is use the Lumia branding it€™s employed with its Windows Phone 7 devices. So far, Lumia handsets have not taken off the way Nokia would have liked. To allow customers to draw comparisons between those somewhat disappointing handsets and its new tablet would be a mistake. Come up with a new name for the tablets, Nokia. It€™s the smart move.


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