Hands off of VOIP

By Scot Petersen  |  Posted 2004-03-22 Print this article Print

Powell also sees a hands-off approach to VOIP. Although government will be tempted to push certain issues, such as emergency, disability and universal access, he said he doesnt foresee what he called "classic economic regulation in the carrier way." Powell suggested three ways that the government can manage broadband spectrum. First, he said, is for government to "recognize more spectrum that is effective for data applications." He noted that the FCC will have a 90MHz auction "soon." He also stressed spectrum flexibility. "Spectrum should be like giving a drivers license," he said. Once you get a license, "What color car you drive [and] what you do with it is your business." Third, Powell wants to see secondary markets mature to the point where solutions providers can sell technology without going through a re-licensing process. "The industry needs to see [itself] in those terms," Powell said. "Data is not an incremental add-on. Data is the engine.
"Consumers are excited but confused," Powell said. "Wireless can be as indispensable to your family and lifestyle as your microwave is today, or your TV. This industry has an enormous reputation for being cutting-edge. It brought the world into personalization and customization. Thats what consumers want. Does it have a component of mobility? Can content be moved from place to place and device to device? They expect that."
Citing his 15-year-old daughter, Powell said, "The teens of the world are the first digital generation. In four years, they are going to be our customers, our employees, our businessmen and -women. They have an imperative we dont fully appreciate. They demand interaction, control, the capability to create. They dont want to be given a ring tone; they want to make the ring tone. You are a part of the future about to be run over by those prepared to deal with it." Next page: Chambers: IP mobility is the next big opportunity.


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