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By Daniel Drew Turner  |  Posted 2007-08-30 Print this article Print

iPhone Wish List"> Rob Morgan, the proprietor of the Mac-centric Bare Feats Web site, which operates under the title "Real World Speed Tests for Performance Minded Mac Users," said he saw three areas hed like Apple to improve in the next iPhone.

First, he said, the iPhone should have 3G data networking.
"Im getting 185K bps download speed with EDGE [in ideal conditions]," he said. "But thats much slower than the 1500K bps Im used to seeing with my Verizon 3G Rev A EV-DO ExpressCard in the MacBook Pro or the typical DSL/Cable connection, whether accessed via HotSpot or not."
The excuses "given by Apple and AT&T spokespersons for going with EDGE instead of 3G should be viewed with skepticism," Morgan said. "One excuse given is that EDGE is available in more cities. Thats lame because AT&Ts latest earnings report states they have UMTS/HSDPA [3G] in 165 [US] cities, including 73 of the top 100 markets," Morgan said. EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA are not mutually exclusive technologies, Morgan noted. "If you arent in a service area that supports UMTS/HSDPA, your cell phone should automatically downshift to EDGE," he said. Another excuse, he observed, "is that you dont need mobile broadband with all the Wi-Fi HotSpots around metro areas. But that requires you to drive around until you find a HotSpot that isnt password protected. "Ive wandered all over the San Diego metro area. The only non-passworded HotSpot Ive found is in the Apple Retail Stores. And what if I want to access the Internet while riding in a car or bus?" he said. Morgan said that the third excuse "is that the 3G chip set uses too much power and would shorten battery life. Thats interesting since my Verizon RAZR phone is 3G built-in for VCAST access," Morgan said. "I didnt notice the battery life being necessarily short. The Motorola Q has 3G. My RAZR phone has 3G. Why cant the iPhone have 3G?" Morgan added that there are reports that Apple could introduce a 3G version as early as Nov. 2008. "When that happens, Ill gladly pass my EDGE version along to one of my drooling family members and buy the new 3G model," he said. Another feature Morgan wanted to see in the iPhone was a user-replaceable battery. "I could go for a removable battery like every other cell phone Ive owned. Who wants to be without their iPhone while its being sent in for the $86 out-of-warranty replacement service?" Finally, he said, hed want the ability to sync the iPhones Notes feature with a personal computer. "You can sync just about everything stored on your iPhone with your Mac or PC—except the Notes function," he said. "Ive been using the Notes function to make a to-do list and other notes on my iPhone. But it would be nice if that function could be synchronized with the Mac OS X Stickies function on my MacBook Pro." Morgan said he believes there is a Notes feature in the next big upgrade of Mac OS X (Leopard). "Maybe Apple plans to sync that with the iPhones Notes function," he said. Check out eWEEK.coms for the latest news, reviews and analysis on mobile and wireless computing.


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