RIM Is in Trouble; Here Are Some Solutions

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As for the hardware, Misek said RIM should put BlackBerry aside and focus on producing six QNX handsets in 2012: three QWERTY handsets and three touch handsets, all with LTE capability.

Misek also advises RIM to split software development into three new teams, with at least one in Silicon Valley. One team would work on the QNX operating system destined for superphones, one team would make user interface and user experience software, and one unit would build enterprise/cloud applications.

RIM should build a team that focuses on the consumer market, which is where its BlackBerry handsets are being cannibalized most by iOS and Android.

RIM should also delegate a group charged with finding the "next tectonic shift in technology and bring it to market. We believe RIM can leapfrog the competition, and it is still not too late, but time is running out," Misek said.

The company must then set its sights on a major content ecosystem and strike a deal. Misek suggests a deal with Amazon for content and retail, though we expect Amazon has hitched its wagon to Android and will launch tablets on that platform this year.

Misek also wants RIM to "refresh the management team to raise accountability and increase the benchmark for performance." This echoes demands heard from investors around the world last week, albeit with a lighter touch than the countless calls for RIM co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie to be fired.

None of these requests is outlandish or unreasonable. Then again, nowhere in these suggestions is the idea that RIM should sell itself to Microsoft, which would be drastic even by the measure of the company's current situation.

Microsoft has its hands full helping Nokia build Windows Phones. It doesn't need to worry about preserving the increasingly antiquated BlackBerry brand.

eWEEK invites readers to put their financial analyst caps on. What else do you think RIM should do?


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