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We found the e-mail application very functional, as was the calendar, address book, to-do list and the rest. One annoying problem we ran into, though, was the absence of a screenshot application. There was no equivalent of "Print Screen," nor could we find any other application on the Zaurus that would let us take screenshots. Fortunately, we were able to download a screenshot applet from Handango. But Sharp needs to bundle this in by default -- its very a basic function that should already be there. A tip of the hat to Handango, however, for providing the free screen capture app.
We had mixed results when trying to sync the C760 with Outlook 2003. The Intellisync software included on the CD was in Japanese, so we werent sure what the heck we were clicking on. We did manage to get it installed on both of our test systems. I never got it to work, but ExtremeTech Editor-In-Chief Jim Louderback (who tested it before I did) finally figured it out after clicking through a maze of cryptic buttons in just the right order. According to Jim, it worked pretty well, but wed really like to see Dynamism include an English version of Intellisync with the unit.
The C760s bundled applications cover most of the functionality we look for in a PDA, including the ability to read and edit MS Word and Excel documents. After that, though, its a bit dicey. Companies like Handango and theKompany provide third-party Zaurus software, but you wont find anywhere near the amount you can find for Palm or Pocket PC PDAs.

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