In the End Apple Will Do What It Pleases

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5. It could be holding off for iOS 5

Currently, there's no word on when Apple will release iOS 5, the follow-up to its highly touted iOS 4 operating system. But considering Apple's recent history, it's quite possible that the software will be made available in the iPhone 5, which is expected to be released over the summer. Considering Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" is such a huge step up over Android 2.2 "Froyo" and it will be running on most Android-based tablets this year, it's quite possible that Apple is holding off on releasing the iPad 2 until it has an operating system ready that can compete on the same level as "Honeycomb." Right now, iOS 4 just doesn't cut it, especially when one considers that "Honeycomb" delivers a full browsing experience and 3D effects.

6. It waited to see what the competition would offer

Of course, if Apple decides to delay the iPad 2, it might have little to do with issues with its platform and more to do with wanting to see what it should be offering in its tablet. For years, Apple has released products that offer many, but not all of the features customers desire. That strategy keeps consumers coming back for more every year. Apple is likely waiting to do the same thing with the iPad 2. But it also realizes that it needs to offer some features that the competition is offering. So what better way to strike that balance than by waiting a bit for the competition to tip its hand?

7. Management issues, perhaps?

There's no telling if Apple has actually delayed the iPad 2. And one won't be able to get a clear answer out of the company if it has. But it's possible that if Apple did delay its tablet, there could be some mixed opinions at the management level. Currently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on a leave of absence from Apple and his COO Tim Cook is running the company. Realizing that, there's no telling what Apple's future will look like. Will Jobs come back? Will he retire? Apple isn't saying. But one can safely assume that there is some kind of succession plan in place at the company. If there is some turmoil at the top because of that, it's not a stretch to think that differing opinions are causing a delay in the iPad's launch. The device is simply too important to Apple's bottom line for it to not garner some different ideas on what the device should offer this year.

8. It isn't all that concerned

Apple has not been a company to worry over the past several years. Time and again, it has done what it wanted, when it wanted to do it. If that meant delaying a release, then so be it. Thus, it could be quite possible that Apple isn't concerned at all about the competition. It may have simply decided that it wants to wait a bit to release the product. Nothing could be wrong with the iPad 2; Apple may have simply decided to change its plans, nothing more than that.

9. Researchers have changed Apple's mind

One of the key aspects of a product's success or failure is market testing. Consultants go out into the wild and find out whether customers would want to use a specific product. They also help a company determine what the best time to release a device is. It's quite possible that Apple's market checks revealed that the timing isn't right for an April launch. Pushing it back to the summer might actually be a better idea.

10. It's right on track

All this talk of delays seems to forget one important point about Apple that can't be overlooked: The company hasn't even confirmed that it will be launching the iPad 2. That secrecy has given it the luxury of deciding on its own when it should launch the tablet. So, while it could have very well planned to release the iPad 2 in April, there's no way to know. If Steve Jobs appears tomorrow and announces that the iPad 2 will launch in the summer, there's no way of knowing whether or not Apple planned that release date all along. It's an ingenious move on Apple's part. It gives the company the luxury of determining on its own when it should release the iPad 2 without fielding questions about possible delays. 

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