Samsung Offers More Mobile Options

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5. Android gaining converts

Apple's iOS platform is definitely a better mobile operating system than Android, the OS most of Samsung's products use. But the degree to which iOS is better than Android is debatable. What's more, Android is the world's most widely deployed operating system and will continue to be so as more and more customers buy devices running that platform. Android is very much a threat to Apple, and Samsung is capitalizing on that.

6. No other challenger exists

Looking around the mobile space, it's hard to find any other competitor that is doing much-if anything at all-to scare Apple. By virtue of that, it's not hard for Samsung to be the biggest threat to Apple. Right now, it appears that Samsung is the only major company, aside from Apple, that really puts enough thought and research into what today's customers want in a mobile device. And the company is benefiting because of that.

7. It's focused on consumers

There are several vendors in today's mobile space that are trying to do too much. They want to appeal to both the enterprise and consumers and, in the process, aren't able to get their products to catch on with either group. Apple, on the other hand, appeals mainly to consumers, allowing corporate customers to get in on the fun only if they play by the company's rules. The same is true for Samsung. Its products are designed for consumers, and if the enterprise also jumps in, so much the better. If not, it isn't a big deal. That's an important element in Samsung's success and its ability to challenge Apple.

8. More options are important

Apple's decision to offer just the iPad and iPhone in the tablet and smartphone markets, respectively, has been panned by critics who say that the company should expand its product line to compete with the deluge of Android-based devices on store shelves. There is some sense in that. The more products a company is up against, the better it is for the firm to have extra devices, as well. Samsung ostensibly understands that, since it offers several smartphones and tablets for customers of all types to choose from. Should Apple release a 7-inch iPad version? Samsung has. Perhaps it's time for Apple to follow suit.

9. Awareness is on the rise

When Samsung first started competing against Apple in the mobile space, there was relatively little awareness of its products. All the rage in the marketplace surrounded Apple's devices, and all others were left out in the cold. But Samsung's products are quickly gaining notoriety, thanks to their popularity both in the U.S. and overseas. That's not a good thing for Apple. The company has long capitalized on the fact that it had kept all its competitors far behind it in market appeal. But with Samsung, Apple might not be able to leverage that advantage much longer.

10. Let the lawsuits be the guide

If Apple weren't concerned about Samsung, it wouldn't be fighting the company all over the world with patent-infringement lawsuits. In Australia, Apple was able to strike a deal with Samsung to look at three Galaxy Tab 10.1 concepts before it approves one for sale. In Europe, Apple has won preliminary injunctions against Samsung products. By the look of things, the bitter legal and market battle between the companies won't be ending anytime soon. If that doesn't prove that Apple views Samsung as a real threat, what does?

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