Galaxy Note 10.1 Has Enterprise Appeal

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-08-15 Print this article Print

5. It's all about the stylus

It's odd that tablets have been available for so long, but Samsung is really the first company to find a way to turn them into digital notebooks. To do that, Samsung is delivering a stylus–the so-called S Pen–with the Galaxy Note 10.1 With help from the stylus, the tablet becomes a full-fledged slate and digital notebook.

6. An enterprise favorite?

It's entirely possible that the enterprise might warm to the idea of adopting the Galaxy Note 10.1. With its stylus integration, it would seem that the Galaxy Note 10.1 would be ideal for folks who often take notes or want to sketch out some ideas in the office.

7. Multi-screen viewing

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with multi-screen functionality. In other words, the device's display allows users to view one screen on half the display, and another on the second half. It's a neat implementation that can't be overlooked when evaluating its software.

8. Unique additions like Smart Stay

Power handling is always a big concern with tablets. With that in mind, Samsung has built a valuable new feature into the slate that tracks the user's eyes. If the person is looking at the screen, it'll stay on. If they're not, it'll turn off. It might prove to be annoying to some users. But others should find that it's a neat way to save power.

9. It builds on the first Galaxy Note

The first Galaxy Note was somewhat confusing to customers at first. The device wasn't quite a tablet, but it also wasn't a smartphone. Still, it was successful. The Galaxy Note 10.1 builds upon that and makes it a bit clearer to customers what it is–a tablet. That's an important consideration as one considers the Galaxy Note 10.1's broader market appeal.

10. It's arriving comfortably between iPad releases

One of the big issues affecting any tablet nowadays is its launch's proximity to the iPad's first day of availability. Tablets that are shipped close a new iPad's release date tend to get burned. But the Galaxy Note 10.1 is coming out months after the new iPad launched, and months before the next one will launch. It's the perfect launch window. That should only help the device succeed.

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