Galaxy Note Fits in the Enterprise

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-08-29 Print this article Print

5. Samsung's design is spot-on 

Samsung, like Apple, has understood from the beginning that design is extremely important in today's mobile market. And with the Galaxy Note, the company has delivered a really great design that allows users to comfortably bring the devices with them on a long ride or business trip. From a design perspective, it's hard to find many faults in the Galaxy Note.

6. Quality is everything

The Galaxy Note is more evidence that Samsung is delivering quality products each and every launch cycle. The company's devices, from the Galaxy S III to the Galaxy Note, come with solid hardware designs, powerful components, and usable software. These factors are giving buyers confidence in the Galaxy Note's value.

7. It appeals to enterprise customers, too

The corporate world largely ignored the 5-inch Galaxy Note. However, with the 10.1-inch model now available, the enterprise is warming to the idea of acquiring it for employees. After all, they'll be able to write on the screen, take notes, allow customers to sign for purchases and more. It's a good fit for a lot of business applications.

8. The value is there

Although the 10.1-inch Galaxy Note lacks 4G LTE, for $499, it's perfectly priced. At that price, Samsung is matching Apple's iPad, and given all of the device's functions, it's going a long way toward matching the iPad on value. The same can be said for the smaller Galaxy Note. There is real value in Samsung's product line.

9. Apple has yet to respond

Apple is the company that all others worry about. When Apple enters a market, it usually doesn't take long before the iPhone maker wins. But so far, Samsung isn't facing off with an iPad that comes with stylus support. Some might claim that's because Apple knows what it's doing. Others, however, might say that the Galaxy Note's impressive functionality might appear to be a bit too much for Apple to handle.

10. It won against all odds

Let's face it: when the Galaxy Note was first announced, it was confusing. Many industry critics believed that it would fail miserably. But the Galaxy Note has not failed. And now, Samsung is offering up new iterations of the device. Against all odds, the Galaxy Note is a winner.

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