Mobile Carriers Promoted Handset Competition

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5.  Proper branding 

After seeing how Apple succeeded in the mobile market, Samsung realized that in order to follow suit, it would need to properly brand its smartphones and tablets. So, it established €œGalaxy€ as a consistent brand for high-quality devices. It worked. And now, its branding is synonymous with quality. 

6.  A trusted name goes a long way 

Samsung shows that it€™s impossible to overestimate the value of a trusted company name. Because Samsung offers trustworthy products in a host of other industries, including appliances and televisions, consumers are more likely to trust its smartphones and tablets. That worked out well for the company. 

7.  Google helps 

Google has been a staunch Samsung supporter over the years because it is delivering some of the top Android-based devices on the market. The Galaxy Nexus, for example, is a Samsung product. And like the Galaxy S III, it€™s viewed as one of the top options on the market. Google and Samsung have a nice marriage. 

8.  Carriers help, too 

If carriers are concerned about anything, it€™s giving Apple too much power. They reason that the more power Apple has, the less they will have. So, to stave off that risk, they also promote Apple€™s competitors. Over the last several months, much of that promotion has gone to Samsung, helping to sustain its market growth. 

9.  A single success goes a long way 

Samsung was fortunate that its first launches in the smartphone and tablet markets were successful. That success helped the company continue its growth over time. The fact is that consumers tend to be creatures of habit. If they like a product from a company, chances are they€™ll buy the next one that the company introduces. That factor has helped Samsung's success as much as it has Apple. 

10.   What else is out there? 

Looking around the Android space, it€™s hard to find that many top quality smartphones and tablets. In the phone market, the HTC One X might be a standout and the recently launched Nexus 7 has seen some early success in tablets. But beyond that, it€™s hard to find anything that even comes close to matching Samsung€™s mobile line.

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