In Todays Market 4G Connectivity Is Essential

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5. Marketing hype

As Apple has proved time and again in today's mobile market, hype matters. If a product excites customers before it launches, its chances of succeeding will be much greater than if the rumors surrounding it are being ignored by consumers. Do not underestimate the power of hype in today's mobile space.

6. Remember that the brand matters

It's no wonder Apple and Samsung are doing well in the mobile space, and companies like Sony are falling short. In today's mobile market, branding matters greatly. Companies that have brands that carry weight and impress customers are far more likely to have their products succeed than those with subpar brands. Every vendor must realize that to be successful in 2012, they must first work on their brands.

7. An international view on things

Although Nokia isn't always viewed as a top player in the mobile market, it performs quite well internationally. In fact, Nokia is dominant in emerging markets around the world, where people might not want to invest in an expensive iPhone. With that in mind, perhaps companies should consider international options. The United States and China might be the big fish, but being a top player elsewhere around the world isn't such a bad thing.

8. Warm up to carriers

The Nokia Lumia 900 launch proved that carriers really don't want to play nice with Apple if they don't have to. AT&T spent, and will continue to spend, a boatload of cash promoting the Lumia 900 so it can limit Apple's control over the mobile space. This year, vendors trying to make a mark should build a high-end device and warm up to carriers€”they might just find trustworthy partners.

9. Price, price, price

Never underestimate the value of finding the right price point. The Lumia 900 became so successful in its early days because of its value. The device comes with a host of features consumers are looking for, including a big display and 4G LTE, and only costs $99.99 with a two-year contract. Controlling price and keeping devices cheaper than the iPhone are integral to 2012 sales success.

10. No 4G? No sales

When Apple launches the iPhone 5 later this year, it's a near-guarantee that the device will come with 4G LTE connectivity. After all, the new iPad supports the technology and all of today's non-iPhone top sellers do, as well. Any product that lacks 4G LTE connectivity this year is destined for failure.

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