No iPhone but Plenty of Propaganda

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-12-20 Print this article Print


5. No iPhone

In the United States, T-Mobile USA is the only company that doesn't offer the iPhone. If the AT&T deal had been approved, that would have changed. But now that AT&T has walked away, T-Mobile customers can all but be guaranteed that they won't have access to Apple's iPhone. For Apple, there's not enough upside to offer the smartphone to the small number of T-Mobile customers.

6. Propaganda galore

Over the next several weeks, T-Mobile customers will be inundated with propaganda from the company. The carrier will be desperate to keep customers, and it'll do everything to show a unified, strong front. The only issue is that most consumers know all too well that there is a soft underbelly at T-Mobile that is becoming more exposed.

7. Plan changes

As noted, T-Mobile is in a bit of a cash conundrum right now. And it would appear that the best way for the company to at least mitigate those issues is to institute some changes to plans that help it generate more revenue. Of course, generating more revenue means costing customers more cash. So, those who want to stick with T-Mobile might have no choice but to pay more in the coming months.

8. The lure of AT&T

Although AT&T tried to acquire T-Mobile USA, don't have any false belief that the company will play nice with the carrier from here on out. AT&T knows that T-Mobile is in trouble, and it likely won't take long for it to develop programs and other offers to lure customers to its side. In the coming weeks, T-Mobile customers might just find themselves at AT&T because of the great deals they've been offered to switch.

9. Indefinite uncertainty

As noted, uncertainty is a real problem for T-Mobile right now. But it becomes even worse to both consumers and enterprise users when they realize that the uncertainty is going to last for an indefinite period of time. There's no quick fix for T-Mobile.

10. Fewer high-quality phone options

All this talk of T-Mobile troubles fails to point out one major issue for the carrier: Handset makers might be less willing in the coming months to offer their top-of-the-line devices on the company's service. After all, if it has the least number of customers, and those folks are leaving in droves, why should they offer their best devices to them? Look for T-Mobile to quickly become the land of subpar phones.


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