Openings for Transmeta

By Rob Enderle  |  Posted 2003-10-18 Print this article Print

?"> Still, there could be several openings for Transmeta. For the most part, vendors have been relatively happy with the Pentium M. However, the radio implementation in the Centrino bundle has been a problem both in terms of performance and support. Intel said it will address this problem by replacing the Philips-engineered radio component with its own design. But for now, this missing link does provide an opening, albeit a narrow one.
In addition, the strongest potential for the Efficeon may be the emerging class of modular computers. This category is being led to market by Antelope Technologies, which has its device currently in manufacturing.
These modular computers have surveyed as the most desired form factor for mobile computing. However, the devices are having pronounced birthing problems in a market where investment dollars for hardware are incredibly scarce. Eyes remain on Paul Allens Vulcan Ventures and Samsung, both of which have the funding and resources for a broad market offering. However, the LCD displays for this class of computer have now become a problem because the leading manufacturer, Toshiba, has decided to discontinue the small form factor, high-resolution flat panel required by the class. On an interesting side note, Via Technologies, last week also launched a low-power, low-cost processor aimed at the mobile market. Via has been taking the third-world Linux market by storm and is beginning to scare AMD and Intel. Of course, that "scare" might mean more to AMD than Intel. The latter companys financial results indicate that it is far from hurting, and its focus has recently been much better than previous years. Transmetas challenge, like that of the other chip vendors, is to make the Intel technology appear inadequate for the needs of some system vendors. If the Intel technology is seen as "good enough," a vendor will not take the financial and technical risks associated with a non-Intel solution. Rob Enderle is the principal analyst for the Enderle Group, a company specializing in emerging personal technology.

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