Nokia Maps Are an Important New Addition

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5. It expects HD€”and that€™s OK 

Microsoft announced at its unveiling of Windows Phone 8 that the operating system is designed to work with three resolutions €”WVGA, WXGA and 720p. What that means is the operating system is designed with HD in mind, putting it in clear competition with Apple€™s iOS. It€™s not a major update, but it€™s certainly an important one. 

6. Deep Skype integration, of course 

After Microsoft acquired Skype, the company indicated that the VOIP platform would be making its way to all of its many products. Microsoft made good on that promise with deep Skype integration in Windows Phone 8, making it available on everything from People Hub to the phone dialer. Nice. 

7. Nokia Maps 

For years, Nokia has been one of the leaders in the mapping space and currently counts the vast majority of in-dash navigation systems as its products. In Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps will be the built-in mapping solution. For those that have tried Nokia Maps and its outstanding navigation features, it€™s obvious why that€™s a good thing. For those that haven€™t, get ready for a much better service than Bing Maps. 

8. Remote device management is a must-have 

The enterprise was one of the biggest benefactors in Microsoft€™s Windows Phone 8 unveiling. And chief among the features shown off for IT was remote device management. With the operating system, IT staff will be able to control mobile products they deploy, and perhaps even keep an eye on what employees are doing. 

9. On-device encryption 

One of the nice things about Windows NT kernel integration is that Windows Phone 8 will come with on-device encryption. Considering how much data is passed through mobile products in the enterprise, and considering how many IT decision-makers would love to have more security, this is a welcome addition. It€™s especially important considering that Research-In-Motion phones are a favorite with enterprise IT managers because of their encryption capabilities. 

10. A dedication to control 

Unlike Android, which has quickly become a place where the user experience is different from product to product, Microsoft has ensured that all Windows Phone 8 devices deliver the same look and feel. That€™s important. As Apple has shown time and again, control is best for today€™s consumers. Microsoft has picked that ball up and run with it. And it should be commended for that. 

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