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To solve CMPs need for simple wireless connectivity, Sypherdata decided to use SOHOware Inc.s Aeroguard AGN 1200 Series access point. SOHOware is an early adopter of Airgo Network Inc.s MIMO (multiple input/ multiple output) technology.

MIMO runs multiple data streams in the same radio channel using so-called smart-antenna technology. The results are throughput speeds comparable to those of wired Fast Ethernet, as well as increased access point range.

Airgos chip sets, and therefore SOHOwares access points, are compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g client cards and utilize Airgos True MIMO technology. Airgo describes True MIMO as "prestandard 802.11n," loosely based on the 802.11n WLAN specification from the IEEE, which will use some variant of MIMO to improve throughput rates.

802.11n isnt expected to be ratified before next year, but Sypherdata officials said they were comfortable adopting nonstandard technology. And since CMP was starting from scratch, compatibility wasnt an issue, they said.

For the most part, Sypherdata set out to design a solution that required minimal implementation headaches, since CMP has no dedicated IT staff.

"One of the [concerns] was the area of coverage in their facility," said Sypherdatas Shank. "We were concerned with not putting a lot of equipment in the manufacturing plant. When you put multiple access points in there, it requires a lot of labor to install the cabling to those access points."

Sypherdata found that a single SOHOware access point can cover all 45,000 square feet of the warehouse, both because of the MIMO technology and because no more than 12 employees use the network simultaneously. Most vendors WLAN offerings, while based on IEEE standards, would require four access points to do the same job, Shank said.

CMP officials said that the companys new system has served it well so far.

"Weve had the wireless up for about a month," Morton said. "It has always had a strong signal. We can go way out to the mailbox, and the signals still good. Its always excellent."

Although CMP implemented the system primarily to keep track of inventory, Morton is using it to keep track of employees as well.

"Now you clock in at the workstation instead of at the break room," Morton said. "People used to clock in at the break room and hang out a bit, but now they have to clock in where they actually work. So far, it has been real easy. The touch-screen has helped that because nobody has to type. If you see your name, you touch your name, and youre clocked in. If you dont see your name, you might have been fired."

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