No Competing Mobile Device Can Slow It Down

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-07-05 Print this article Print


5. When hasn't it sold well?

Let's face it: Apple's iPhone has always sold well. And if the reports are true and Apple will be offering a nicely improved iPhone 5, there's no reason to suggest its next release won't follow suit. History must always be one's guide when they forecast the future. When it comes to Apple's history, the iPhone has always been a huge success.

6. Apple's marketing will be top-notch

Part of the reason for the iPhone's success over the years has been Apple's marketing. As soon as it announces a new smartphone, Apple takes to the airwaves, showcasing the new device and discussing its finer points. Along the way, consumers get excited. This time around, expect Apple to do the same with the iPhone 5. And when it does, expect the same excitement to result. With Apple's marketing, the iPhone 5 will be far more likely to succeed.

7. Android competitors can't stop it

There are several smartphones on the market right now that are appealing to consumers. And many of those devices are Android-based smartphones. Even so, none of those devices can compete with the iPhone. Apple's smartphone features the best design, outstanding software and a price that consumers like. To some customers, it's the complete smartphone package. Apple's iPhone 5 will be launching in a market in which it will likely be the superior option, as well. And as long as that's the case, there's no reason to suggest it won't be a winner.

8. RIM isn't appealing to the enterprise as much

Over the years, Apple's iPhone has slowly but surely made strides in the enterprise. Part of that is due to attitude changes among IT decision-makers and the increasing crossover of consumer electronics products to corporate IT. But the iPhone's increasing enterprise adoption also has to do with RIM's troubles. The mobile company, which admittedly still has a strong corporate presence, has lost its way as of late due to poor product designs and ineffective product strategies. Save for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the company's solutions haven't been as appealing to enterprise users as they have in the past. When the iPhone 5 launches, it will likely be even more compelling for enterprise users (after all, each new iteration has been more corporate-friendly). That alone could help make Apple's upcoming offering trump the BlackBerry in the enterprise.

9. The iPad is helping to sell more iPhones

Apple's iPad 2 is viewed by some as a competitor to the iPhone, since the device functions in a similar way. But the tablet is also helping Apple's iPhone sales. After all, if an Android handset owner buys an iPad and likes what she sees, she might be far more likely to buy an iPhone 5 when her smartphone contract is up. Just as the iPhone helped sell iPads, Apple's tablet will undoubtedly help the company sell more iPhone 5 units.

10. Timing is everything

Currently, it is believed that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 in September and possibly launch the device either that month or in October. In either case, the company would be releasing the smartphone at the right time. Each year, the holidays are a key time for technology companies, and every firm tries to capitalize on the heavy shopping season. By offering the iPhone 5 in September or October, the iPhone 5's novelty wouldn't have worn off by the holiday-shopping season, thus helping Apple's smartphone top the shopping lists of consumers around the globe.

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