There’s High Expectations for a New Apple Maps Tool

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5. iOS 6 

This might be one of the easiest predictions to make in this roundup: Apple will be launching a new version of iOS this year. In fact, to go one step further, there appears to be a very good chance that iOS 6, the next installment in the software, will be made available following Apple€™s WWDC keynote on Jun. 11. One of the features reportedly coming to the platform is predicted to be deep Facebook integration. 

6. OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has already confirmed that it will launch the latest version of its OS X platform, Mountain Lion, this summer. The operating system won€™t be a major upgrade over Lion, but will include better security, a streamlined design and features that should enhance overall Mac user productivity. Expect OS X Mountain Lion to be a big winner in the Mac ecosystem this year. 

7. A new Maps Application 

A deluge of reports coming out of Apple land indicate that the company has decided to remove Google Maps from iOS. In its place, Apple has reportedly developed an all-new mapping application that dramatically improves route guidance and visual representations of a given area. Considering Apple has acquired no fewer than three mapping companies over the last few years, that rumor appears quite likely to come true. 

8. An improved Apple TV (not television) 

As much as Apple€™s fans would love to get their hands on a television from the company this year, the chances of that seem rather slim. Instead, Apple is far more likely to unveil an improved Apple TV to replace its current set-top box. Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear at the D10 conference last month that the Apple TV is central to his company€™s living room plans, and his comments shouldn€™t be discounted. 

9. It€™s time for a Mac Pro 

On Facebook right now, there is an ever-growing petition of current and former Mac Pro owners asking Apple for information on if or when it will launch a new version of its desktop computer. Apple has so far stayed tight-lipped, but considering the popularity of the Mac Pro in design and some enterprise circles, and since it hasn€™t been updated in about two years, it would only make sense for the company to deliver something new sooner rather than later. 

10. Apple€™s long-rumored video streaming 

When Apple acquired Lala years ago, there was some speculation that the company would be getting into the music-streaming business. However, that never happened. Now, there is talk of Apple potentially trying its luck in video streaming through its iCloud platform. Whether it€™ll happen or not remains to be seen. But considering where the video-entertainment space is headed, it would only make sense for Apple to offer such a product. 

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