Debate Continues on What Features Will Show Up in iOS 6

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It€™s hard to see how Apple could have assembled the necessary data to release such an application without the fleets of cars Google sent out to spy through windows, suck up personal WiFi information and catch people in compromising situations. There€™s been no sign of Apple spy cars, at least not yet. 

The lack of Apple spy (or mapping if you prefer) cars could mean several things. Apple is really going to keep using Google€™s data after all, or that Apple is going to be satisfied with public mapping databases, or possibly, that Apple has developed stealth spy car technology. I€™m betting we€™d have heard about that last one, though. 

Other things that might show up on a new version of iOS 6 include a better mail app, more complete Facebook integration and multiple user accounts. While it€™s unlikely that multiple user accounts will be very useful on the iPhone, this is something that has been needed on the iPad since Day One. Unlike the iPhone and to some extent the iPod Touch, which are very personal devices, in many organizations the iPad is a device used by more than one person.  

But multiple user accounts aren€™t the same thing as multitasking. While the iPad can do limited multitasking in that it can play music while doing something else, that€™s pretty much it. I don€™t see true multitasking coming to the iOS world, at least not now.  

Other things that aren€™t going to show up are the smaller version of the iPad, which some people are calling the iPad Mini. There€™s been a great deal of speculation about a smaller iPad that could compete with devices such as the Kindle Fire. That may happen, but not now€”and perhaps not ever.  

Apple is still selling the iPad 2, and its lower $399 price is putting real pressure on the lower end of the tablet market, forcing companies selling those devices to lower their prices even more. The idea in the market, apparently, is why buy something smaller and with fewer capabilities when you can get a real iPad for a relatively low price.  

Beyond that, everything is pure speculation. Live icons? Who cares. Tabs across devices? Yawn. But Siri, now that€™s something that would be worth having if only for the weird and bizarre Siri commercials Apple has been running lately.

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