Its Unlikely Apple Will Deliver the Same Old Design

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5. The anti-glare screen

Although glaring has been an issue with the iPad€™s screen since its launch, it€™s unlikely Apple will address it with the iPad3. The fact is, consumers like the glossy screens. Sure, they make it harder to read ebooks outside, but that€™s not Apple€™s chief concern. It€™s important to remember that.

6. Dual-core processor

Considering the iPad 2 comes with a dual-core processor, it€™s highly unlikely that the iPad 3 will, as well. Apple will almost certainly bundle a quad-core processor in the iPad 3, keeping it ahead of the iPhone 4S and drawing a clear distinction between its latest tablet and that device€™s predecessor. Expect the dual-core tablet processor to go away.

7. A new Dock connector

Oddly, some reports claim Apple is working on a new Dock connector design that will make current accessories incompatible with the iPad 3. Such a move wouldn€™t make sense. Apple needs as many accessories to work with the iPad as possible, and the company knows consumers won€™t want to buy all new adapters to have their devices work with Apple€™s tablet. Expect the same old Dock connector to come to the iPad3

8. 3D, anyone? Nope

The Nintendo 3DS kicked off a 3D craze in the portable business last year. Just about everyone thought every company, from Apple to Nokia, would be planning to bundle glasses-free 3D graphics into its devices. But all those people were wrong. The iPad 3 won€™t be coming with glasses-free 3D; it€™s a gimmick Apple wants nothing to do with.

9. The same old design

Although many rumors suggest Apple€™s iPad 3 will feature the same old design as the iPad 2, this type of story seems rather unlikely. Since it started offering mobile devices, Apple has delivered major updates every other year. Considering the iPad 2 featured a nominal design change, it would only make sense, given that logic, that the iPad 3 comes with a major improvement.

10. The home button

Have you seen the announcement for the iPad 3 event? Interestingly, it seems to show an iPad that doesn€™t come with a home button. Such an idea isn€™t out of the question. For months, rumors have been swirling, saying Apple has created a new gesture for getting back to the home screen. Will the iPad 3 be the first device to come with that feature?

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