Its a Good Time for Apple to Prove It Knows How to Appeal to Tablet Customers

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5. Quad-core, anyone?

If you€™ve been following the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, you know that quad-core processors are all the rage among tablet makers. Realizing that, Apple really has no choice but to match them and bring a quad-core chip in its next tablet. For the average consumer and enterprise user, that means more power, more functionality and better gaming. Not bad.

6. A smaller option

Although it might not happen, many consumers are hoping that Apple will launch a smaller iPad 3 this year. Aside from its standard 9.7-inch model, the company could potentially deliver a 7-inch version that could match the Galaxy Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire and others. Smaller options aren€™t a guarantee, but they would be nice.

7. More storage

Apple€™s iPad 2 currently maxes out its storage at 64GB. Last year, Apple launched the iPhone 4S with up to 64GB, as well. Considering its tablet is far more expensive than its smartphone, wouldn€™t it only make sense for the company to offer a tablet with, say, 128GB of storage?

8. Thunderbolt

Apple€™s Thunderbolt technology has been slowly but surely making its way across the company€™s Macs and displays. The time has come for the input/output technology to also be made available in the iPad 3. Such a port would allow users to connect Apple€™s monitors and potentially transfer content seamlessly between the slate and Macs. That€™s a feature worth having.

9. A fix for the glare

One of the biggest issues with reading on an iPad is that when doing so outside, one must deal with a serious glare. There€™s talk of Apple trying to fix that in the next iPad, and most consumers and enterprise users would be more than happy to see that happen. Someone has to put an end to tablet glare. Why shouldn€™t it be Apple?

10. How about a new design?

When it€™s all said and done, consumers and even enterprise users love new-product designs. And Apple is just about the best company in the business when it comes to delivering such designs. The iPad design is getting stale; it€™s a good time for Apple to show off something new and prove once and for all that it knows better than any other vendor how to appeal to today€™s tablet customers.

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