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5. Competing devices

Although Apple's iPad has been dominating the tablet space, this year, it'll be facing off with a host of competitors. From Samsung to Motorola to maybe even Google, a number of companies will be trying to win more tablet market share. And how well or poorly they perform will decide€”in some part€”the iPad 3's success.

6. Windows 8

Following that, it's important not to discount Windows 8. That operating system, which is slated to launch later this year, will be running on tablets from Dell, Acer and potentially more companies. If the enterprise, especially likes what it finds with Windows 8, Apple's late-year sales might be negatively affected.

7. Amazon's response

So far, Amazon has been the only company to crack the code and find a way to stand up to the iPad juggernaut. With that in mind, the updated version of the Kindle Fire that Amazon is expected to release this year could very well determine if Apple's alternative achieves record sales or only has some success. The Kindle Fire 2 will play a key role in Apple's 2012.

8. It all comes back to price

If the Kindle Fire has taught us anything, it's that prices matter in the tablet market. The Kindle Fire sets customers back just $199, while the iPad 2 comes in at a starting price of $499. If Apple maintains that pricing strategy and competitors try to undercut Apple on price, it should be quite interesting to see how everything plays out.

9. Will the iPad 2 still be available?

There is some speculation that Apple will continue to offer the iPad 2 alongside the iPad 3. Like a similar iPhone strategy, Apple would discount the iPad 2 and offer the iPad 3 at the current $499-and-up price tags. If it does so, some of the iPad 3's sales could go to the iPad 2, limiting the iPad 3's potential. It's not a big issue, of course, but it's a key factor to consider before forecasting iPad 3 sales.

10. Screen sizes

According to component suppliers, Apple is currently working on launching an 8-inch iPad 3 to go along with its current 9.7-inch tablet. The move might be a good one, considering several competitors have had some success selling 7-inch slates. The only question is, if Apple sells an 8-inch iPad 3€”likely for less than its larger model€”how will its revenue figures be affected? For the first time, screen sizes could play a role in the iPad 3's adoption.

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