iPad Mini Should Have at Least 3G Connectivity

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5. The same iPad design 

Apple€™s iPad design is second to none. The device comes with a nicely proportioned bezel and a display that impresses consumers. Plus, it utilizes the available space quite nicely. Apple shouldn€™t change that basic design with the iPad Mini in the least. Why change a design that works so well? 

6. 3G connectivity 

In the world of cheap tablets, there is one feature conspicuously missing: mobile connectivity. Devices like Amazon€™s Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 come with WiFi support. It€™s about time Apple launches a smaller iPad that would support both WiFi and mobile networks. However, since it€™ll be a cheaper device, Apple would probably only bundle 3G, and not 4G LTE. It€™s not the best course, but it€™s effective mobile connectivity. 

7. More than 16GB of storage in one model 

When offering up cheaper tablets, companies usually start storage capacity out at 8GB. For Apple, however, the company should kick things off at 16GB. By doing so, it can differentiate its product and still make it a worthwhile purchase for people who store all kinds of movies and music. 

8. An eye on thinness 

If Apple decides to launch a 7-inch tablet, the first thing the company must do is remember the importance of mobility. And in order to do that, it€™ll have to deliver a tablet that€™s exceedingly thin. In today€™s tablet market, 7-inch devices are designed solely for enjoying them while lounging around the house or going on vacation. In other words, bulky devices won€™t cut it. 

9. Dual cameras 

One of the nice things about Apple products is that the vast majority of them support dual cameras, allowing users to not only snap photos, but also have video chats via FaceTime. If Apple doesn€™t deliver dual cameras in the iPad Mini, it would be a major mistake.  

10. Near-field communication, anyone? 

The future of mobile productivity relies upon wireless communication. And a key component in that is near-field communication, a technology that lets a client and server work with each other to transfer data. In some implementations, that means payment services. In others, it€™s sharing files back and forth. Whatever the implementation, it would be nice to see NFC come to the iPad Mini.

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