Gorilla Glass or a Return to Metal Back Plates?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-05-16 Print this article Print

5. An eye on design

If nothing else, Apple will bring refreshed design to the iPhone 5. Over the last couple of years, the company has been offering up nominal upgrades, making many wonder if the iPhone 5 will be a major update over its predecessor. Based on the latest rumors, that appears to be the case. Expect a nice, new design in the iPhone 5.

6. 4G

Now that Apple has proven that it€™s willing to play nice with 4G LTE in the new iPad, it€™s not a stretch to believe that it€™ll offer the same ultra-high-speed connectivity in the iPhone 5. After all, 4G LTE is the future of mobile wireless. And Apple likes to be ahead of (or at least close to) the curve.

7. An end to shattering glass

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S come with an all-glass finish that, while quite nice-looking, can lead to shattering. In fact, my own iPhone 4 has suffered a shattered back plate that looks awfully ugly. With the iPhone 5, however, Apple is reportedly considering bringing back an aluminum back plate and will deliver stronger glass, thanks to Gorilla Glass. Here€™s hoping it does so.

8. No major changes in size

Despite the fact that Apple€™s iPhone 5 might be coming with a larger screen, the device itself is not expected to be any bigger. Apple has found the sweet spot for mobility with its iPhone 4S, and the last thing it wants to do is lose that. So rather than make it excessively fatter or thicker, Apple has reportedly decided to make it a bit taller to accommodate a larger display. Nice.

9. A better camera

The iPhone is the world€™s most popular camera. And Apple, aware of that advantage, will attempt to make it a bit more appealing to users with an upgrade in the iPhone 5. Exactly what that upgrade will consist of remains to be seen, but it€™s not beyond the realm of possibility that Apple offers an 8-megapixel camera that interacts with some neat new photo-snapping features in iOS 6.

10. More storage

Lastly, it€™s highly possible that Apple unveils more storage in the iPhone 5. The company is starting to realize that 8GB and 16GB just doesn€™t cut it in the video-, music- and app-heavy world, and it needs to offer more storage to customers. There€™s a good chance the iPhone 5 will come with at least 32GB of onboard storage.

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