A Larger iPhone Isn’t Necessarily Easy to Hold, Use

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5. An app issue 

Since the iPhone€™s launch, iOS developers have been delivering applications that are optimized for 3.5-inch screens. If Apple launches a new iPhone with a larger screen, they€™ll need to adapt their applications to support the new size. It€™s not a major issue, of course, but it€™s something that could negatively impact the app experience in iOS. 

6. It might be better to wait 

For Apple, launching a new iPhone with a bigger display this year might not make much sense. The company€™s products continue to sell well with the smaller screen, giving it the option to not change things so drastically this year. When sales start to flag because of the screen, Apple can launch a device with a bigger display. Until then, why make the move before it€™s needed? 

7. Apple isn€™t keen on major updates anymore 

Apple has been offering iterative updates to its iPhone and iPad for the last few years. And chances are the company will do the same this year. Apple is seemingly against major updates to its products, likely because of the cost. Offering up a totally redesigned iPhone to accommodate a larger screen might be a bit too €œmajor€ for the company right now. 

8. Mobility is a primary concern 

There€™s nothing wrong with a 4-inch screen when it comes to viewing content. However, if the reports are true and Apple will be delivering a taller iPhone this year, that could be a problem. Don€™t forget: many people put their iPhones into their pockets. If the device is too tall, they might not like how it fits. And Apple knows it. Mobility is extremely important to Apple and making the iPhone wider or taller might not be something it wants to do. 

9. Design compromises 

Over the years, Apple has unveiled a host of products seemingly lacking important features customers want. When asked why it left something out, Apple says that it can force too many design compromises. The company made that claim with 4G LTE. The big question now, is what sort of design compromises might a larger display deliver? If it€™s too much, look for Apple to keep avoiding it. 

10. What€™s the point? 

When it€™s all said and done, Apple and its customers must ask one very important question about a large display in the iPhone 5. What€™s the point of having it? Apple customers are happy with the iPhone 4S and its 3.5-inch screen and adding a half-inch just doesn€™t seem to be that big a deal. Maybe it€™s better for Apple to stick with the 3.5-inch screen and be done with it. 

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