iPhone 5 Brings Speed Improvements

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Still, there are a number of users who have needs that extend beyond the basics, and need the performance that the iPhone 5's faster processor and access to LTE bring. "The key insight is that while it's not glamorous, the performance and battery life improvements, extra screen real estate and enhancements to WiFi and LTE mean it'll be faster and you can get more done more quickly," explained Dan Kerzner, senior vice president of mobile strategy at MicroStrategy.

Kerzner said that when users depend on specific productivity apps, a bump in performance can mean the difference between choosing to use the device, and choosing not to.

"If you look at the use cases that we suggest, such as purchase orders or downloading content, if the device is fast, you'll do it on your phone," said Kerzner. "These devices become more powerful, you'll expand the domain of use cases in which you will choose to do it right there in an instant."

Kerzner said that all of the factors that improve performance are important in helping a user decide to perform a task on their phone rather than somewhere else, but that "no single thing that improves that more than performance and battery life."

As is always the case, the real decision comes down to the device you need, the device you have now and how much better one is over the other. For many organizations, the lower cost of getting the iPhone 4S more than offsets any advantage the extra performance may provide, especially if those organizations are already using existing iPhones and are getting adequate performance. Unless there's an obvious need for the larger screen or faster processor, then the cost savings may be the critical factor.

But sometimes the extra performance is actually worth the extra cost. As Kerzner points out, if you need to see and approve a purchase order (for example), then the faster network speed, the shorter time required to open and view the document and the shorter time it takes to act on it may mean that your employee may choose to do it immediately on their phone rather than going back to their desk. This productivity improvement alone could pay for the higher cost in a very short time.

So yes, the iPhone 5 is a very nice phone with some very nice features. But whether it's right for your enterprise is a firm maybe. It's all in how you plan to use it, and how much you want to spend to get there.

Wayne Rash Wayne Rash is a Senior Analyst for eWEEK Labs and runs the magazine's Washington Bureau. Prior to joining eWEEK as a Senior Writer on wireless technology, he was a Senior Contributing Editor and previously a Senior Analyst in the InfoWorld Test Center. He was also a reviewer for Federal Computer Week and Information Security Magazine. Previously, he ran the reviews and events departments at CMP's InternetWeek.

He is a retired naval officer, a former principal at American Management Systems and a long-time columnist for Byte Magazine. He is a regular contributor to Plane & Pilot Magazine and The Washington Post.

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