Retina Display Needs to Run on Entire MacBook Pro Line

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5. A significant Mac Pro update 

One of the most surprising results of Apple€™s WWDC keynote was its outright neglect of the Mac Pro. Over the last two years, the Mac Pro hasn€™t changed one bit, leading some to wonder if it would get a much-needed face lift during the keynote. That didn€™t happen. Instead, Apple announced after the keynote that it will update the Mac Pro with an outdated Intel Xeon processor. It was surprising and disappointing. 

6. Retina display across the entire MacBook Pro line 

Apple announced one next-generation MacBook Pro model will have a 15-inch screen and the company€™s Retina display. Although that is awfully appealing to consumers, it would have been great if it updated its entire MacBook Pro line with the Retina display. The time has come for Apple to bring its Retina display to all of its products. 

7. StreetView competitor 

Apple unveiled a new Maps application for iOS at its WWDC keynote, permanently ending Google Maps dominance on iOS. Although Apple€™s Maps comes with several neat features, including 3D support and turn-by-turn directions, it lacks the StreetView so many folks find useful in Google Maps. Hopefully Apple will bring its own StreetView-like application to Maps at some point in the future. 

8. Siri expansion€”to a point 

According to Apple, Siri will make its way to iPads when iOS 6 launches. That€™s nice. But what about Macs and all of the other hardware the company sells? Siri might not be out of beta just yet, but it€™s improving. And it would be nice to have her assistance on all Apple products. 

9. iMacs are still around, you know 

As noted, the Mac Pro didn€™t get an update at Apple€™s WWDC keynote. But that wasn€™t the only device to be neglected. In fact, Apple also turned its back on the other desktop it sells, the iMac. Like the Mac Pro, the iMac is getting a little old and outdated. It€™s about time Apple unveils a new version of the device to bring it into 2012. 

10. A Google Wallet competitor 

Google€™s Wallet mobile-payment service is the first of what will be many such solutions available to consumers this year. But it€™s Apple that just about everyone wants to see launch such a service. After all, Apple tends to understand usability and security, and with so many iTunes accounts already under its control, it shouldn€™t have any trouble supporting different payment solutions. Apple€™s WWDC keynote would have been much stronger if it showed off its own Google Wallet competitor. 

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