More Quirky Oddities of iPhone

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5. Rigidity in launch cycles

There's an old saying among marketing professionals that demand will drive company decisions. But Apple has a much different mentality on that. Despite the fact that Apple customers were clamoring for a new iPhone last summer, Apple waited a few months until it was ready to launch the device. There's speculation it might do the same again this year. Apple sticks to its launch cycles€”whether customers like it or not.

6. Where are other versions?

For years, consumers and even some Apple fans have been calling on the company to deliver some smaller and larger versions of the iPhone. And yet, that seems to have fallen on deaf ears in Cupertino. Considering Apple's many competitors deliver smaller versions of their popular devices and larger flagship options, wouldn't it make sense for Apple to start doing the same?

7. Shortage of ports remains an issue

Apple likes to make customers believe that its products are designed for the average consumers. However, the company's iPhone only comes with a single Dock connector port and doesn't offer a USB, mini-HDMI or any other kind of port. It's an odd decision on Apple's part, considering so many people would like to have those interfaces in Apple products they prefer to buy.

8. The old Flash debate

Remember back a couple of years ago when Steve Jobs wrote an open letter saying why his products don't support Flash? And remember when Adobe responded by trying to take aim at his comments? While all other product makers were offering Flash, Apple decided against it. At the time, it was viewed as extremely risky and yes, odd. Nowadays, though, nobody cares: Apple showed it had the power to kill off Flash in the mobile space.

9. A real beta in Siri

Apple has historically liked to only release products that are in their final stages. The move is designed to ensure that customers are getting their very best experience with the product. However, Siri is in beta, and Apple itself has said that it's a work in progress. In the world of Apple, launching such a half-baked product is a major oddity.

10. Social networking€”sans Facebook

When Apple launched iOS 5 last year, the company said that it wanted to bring more social networking to the platform. And it did so with deep Twitter integration. However, it did not announce any deep Facebook integration, even though the social network is the world's largest with 901 million users. Social networking integration in an iPhone without Facebook makes little sense. Odd, huh?

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