Smartphones Are No Longer a Luxury

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5. Multiple devices per household 

Five years ago, mobile phones were a luxury in the home. Often families would have one device for everyone. But thanks to the iPhone€™s design, which makes it a far more personal product, now multiple smartphones are running in the same household. It has helped Apple, as well as its carrier partners, immensely. 

6. A cottage industry of developers 

With Apple€™s launch of the App Store in 2008, the company unleashed what has become a multibillion dollar industry centered on developing applications for mobile products. Now, developers around the world€”many of them working from home€”can create whole new businesses out of their mobile apps. That€™s awfully neat. 

7. The death of the personal media device 

Interestingly, Apple in many ways hurt its own operation when the company unveiled the iPhone. Prior to that, the iPod was the most sought-after mobile product. But with the iPhone€™s music integration, the iPod was no longer necessary. The personal media device is on its last leg today, and it€™s all Apple€™s fault for killing its own once-hugely popular product. 

8. Hello, tablets 

The nice thing about the iPhone is that it prompted companies to think beyond smartphones for their touch-screen devices. Apple, for example, ushered in the tablet era with its iPad after enjoying huge success with its smartphone. Tablets wouldn€™t be nearly as popular or sought-after today if not for the iPhone. 

9. New takes on old communication ideas 

Apple€™s iPhone communications€”talk, video, and text€”are by no means groundbreaking. However they have brought about change in the ways these features are used. Apple€™s iMessage, for example, has reduced the number of text messages people are sending through carrier networks. And FaceTime has dramatically hampered other video chat tools from keeping up. Apple has brought on several new takes to old communication ideas. So far, users are responding favorably to that. 

10. A change in entertainment consumption 

Prior to the iPhone€™s launch, there were many mobile phones that let you play games, listen to music or watch video. But the quality wasn€™t great and the vast majority of entertainment was still consumed either in the living room or on a computer. However, the iPhone radically changed the experience for the better. All other phone makers had to improve the media-playing capabilities of their products. Now, more people than ever are turning to their mobile products, like the iPhone, to play games, watch videos, and listen to music. It was a seismic shift in the marketplace that can€™t be overlooked. 

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