Google's Real Goal: Messing with Microsoft

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2008-02-04 Print this article Print

title=Will Google slow down the purchase?}


I'm sorry, this isn't a Back to the Future movie and there's no time-traveling DeLorean. Yahoo's glory days are far behind it. But, if Google, Yahoo and analysts can force Microsoft to pay even more for Yahoo, it will be all the better for Yahoo stock holders and Google won't complain either.

Microsoft also wants this deal to go quickly. Ha! That's not going to happen, and Google will do everything it can to bog down the process. It's not that Google is afraid of Microsoft/Yahoo. What do you get after all when you get two companies that are both on a downward slide and have no real synergy together? Answer: A debt-ridden company going down faster.

But, if Google can slow down that purchase, the really bad times ahead of trying to fit these two companies are likely to go on even longer. After all, Yahoo??í-no fools they-don't use Microsoft software at any for its service, except for Yahoo Music. The rest? It is open source, my friend, the same kind of stuff Google uses. Oh, and what's this, Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Music. Oh, yes, integrating Yahoo and Microsoft's systems is just going to be a snap.

Google also does make some good points. For example, Drummond wrote that "Microsoft has frequently sought to establish proprietary monopolies-and then leverage its dominance into new, adjacent markets." In particular, Drummond focused on IM and Web-based mail. He's quite right of course. That's classic Microsoft.

I, for one, could easily see a Yahsoft! portal screen that was only readable to visitors using Internet Explorer 7 users. Of course that would be incredibly stupid of Microsoft, but lately Microsoft has been none too bright. Of course, any such proprietary move would play right into Google's hands. This isn't the desktop, it's the Internet. Microsoft doesn't make the rules on the Internet no matter how much they might want to and buying Yahoo isn't going to change that.

As I've said, I think Microsoft needs to buy Yahoo. I also think that Google is going to make that as hard as possible. And, if that includes throwing some FUD its way, well, how does the shoe fit Microsoft? Pinch a bit? Get used to it.

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