Microsoft Bing Beats Google; No It Doesnt, Yes It Does!

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2009-07-06 Print this article Print

Anonymous Reader No. 4 wrote: "I give my time to anyone that does a better job. Same reason I buy Japanese cars and not American. I like Bing because of the better interface. The results are the same as Google if not better, and its (sic) pretty fast. Actually Bing looks like Office and my iPhone, which I like a lot too. I dont (sic) understand comments like the person saying they wont (sic) use it because its (sic) from Microsoft. Must be a Google employee... shame on you."

Anonymous Reader No. 5 added: "Ummm... there are ALOT of people who wouldn't use something just because it was from M$ [Microsoft]. Why would the person who said that have to be a google employee? I'd posit that most *nix [Unix] users and most mac users wouldn't want to use it just because it's from M$, and even that alot of windows users wouldn't either, just because they use windows, doesn't mean they want or like or are even inclined to use anything else from M$."

Others are drawn to Bing's travel feature, which Google lacks. Bing user wrote: "I am amazed at anyone who wouldn't give BING a try if it is superior. I tried Google in 2000 and raved about it to all my friends. I switched and have found it's features to be better. I just saved $100 on an upcoming trip because it's Travel feature told me to wait 7 days...amazing."

The crusade positions are clear. The Microsoft Bing vs. Google fight is about more than which search engine is better: It is a perception battle between Google lovers -- those who believe Google can truly do no evil -- and Microsoft haters -- those who feel the software giant epitomizes greed in the Western world. Reader Richie summed it up:

Bing is a quality product but it will suffer from Anti-Microsoft predjudice (sic). Even MS-Fans believe at some level Microsoft is always doing it wrong one way or another.. I like Bing, don't love the name but I like the search engine. I have stubborn friends who won't use it because it's MS. They should have distanced the brand a little more.

Anonymous Reader No. 6 confirmed this position:

I try to avoid using Microsoft produces because I don't like them as a company. I don't like Apple either, so I avoid them as well. There are cases where I end up using Microsoft products, but when there is a choice I will pick products from someone else. It is just a matter of not doing business to companies I don't like.

The brilliant, shining irony in all of this is that Microsoft, vilified in the United States and Europe for holding a monopoly position vis-??í-vis its Windows desktop software, is the insurgent here. Yet as the incumbent, Google holds between 65 percent and 80 percent of the world's search engine market share, depending on whose statistics one believes. Microsoft has 10 percent of the search share on a good day.

Reverse those positions for Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office and SharePoint, though you can put Microsoft's shares in productivity and collaboration applications closer to 90 percent to 95 percent vs. Google Apps.

Questions remain: Will Bing get better, good enough to make Google lovers leap to its side? More seriously, will Google lovers eventually tire of the company's don't be evil rhetoric and shun the company for its increasing purview over our digital lives?

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