Personal Privacy Worries Havent Hit Home Yet

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-06-01 Print this article Print

5. The alternatives aren't any better

When it comes to privacy and security, the other social networks on the Web just aren't any better than Facebook. In fact, a solid argument can be made that just about every other social network fails to provide the security and privacy that Facebook does. That's something that Facebook should remember. As upset as users might be with Facebook's settings, they also realize that the alternatives that they could switch to just aren't any better.

6. It hasn't hit the mainstream

Facebook's privacy troubles might be known to several of its users, but it has yet to enter the mainstream. In fact, the average, novice Web user likely knows little about the privacy troubles that could arise by using Facebook and not changing privacy settings. Once again, that should help Facebook. The social network has shown time and again that it's willing to react to criticism. But it's also positive that the mainstream won't react.

7. The future isn't promising for Facebook killers

Social networks have come and gone time and again. For the most part, their users are fickle and once the next big thing comes along, they jump ship. But Facebook is a different story altogether. Not only is it the most popular Website on the Internet, it doesn't have a fickle user base. Best of all, there are no social networks on the Web today that have the slightest chance of taking Facebook down. Whether users like it or not, the social network has become a staple on the Internet.

8. Privacy issues are widespread across the Web

Let's not pretend that Facebook is the only site on the Internet that's experiencing privacy issues. A quick glance at all of Google's troubles quickly reveals that the search giant is arguably going through tougher times related to privacy than Facebook. And that's just one of example of many sites that continue to miss the mark on privacy and security. Facebook isn't alone on the Web. It can find solace in that.

9. The pros outweigh the cons-so far

Although privacy trouble should be enough to get users mobilized to change things on the Web, they don't care. A main reason why they don't care is because they realize that the virtues of the social network far outweigh its troubles. For example, the site is an outstanding spot to communicate with friends. The social network is also a fine networking place for professionals. All in all, Facebook is a better operating system than its privacy troubles portend.

10. The Web is changing

The Internet is quickly changing. Years ago, it was a bastion of privacy and anonymity. Today, all that has changed. Anonymity and privacy have given way to user willingness to offer any information that someone asks for. Once, Web users wouldn't offer up their real names. Today, they're telling everyone where they live. And that's only working in Facebook's favor as it fights privacy troubles.

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