It Will Be Secured in Depth - And By Users

By Debra Donston  |  Posted 2008-05-29 Print this article Print

3. It will be secured in depth-and by users

It's common wisdom that security should be applied in layers. That's not always done today, but the layered approach may be standard operating procedure in five years time.

eWEEK Labs' Brooks believes that the future of client security is security in greater depth, "where all the processes that run do so with the least amount of privileges they require to do their job. Also, all the code that runs on your system will be vetted by one or more of a group of trusted parties, and cryptographically signed to give you the assurance that it is what you think it is."

Brooks added that virtualization will also have security benefits, allowing users' desktops to be segmented into isolated containers-for example, one for personal applications, controllable by the user, and one for business applications, managed by the IT department.

Virtualization has the potential to ease management chores and reduce risk, but the job of the IT department will likely get more difficult as end users bring a wider variety of devices into the organization and onto the corporate network.

Sixty-nine percent of eWEEK readers surveyed by Ziff Davis Enterprise Research said their organizations limit IT support to specific devices, but that may change in the next five years as the barrier to entry to mobile devices gets lower and the choices grow.

"There will be more influence from the user on the network," said IDC's Shim. "Historically, IT mandated what happened, but as more users become more technically savvy, they're able to influence what's being used."

Organizations will continue to mandate and support the use of specific equipment. However, to ensure that corporate data is secure no matter what devices are accessing it, IT departments will have to assume a bigger role as policy maker, and end users will have to assume more self-service tech support.


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