Virus Subscription Inflation

By Larry Seltzer  |  Posted 2003-07-13 Print this article Print

If you do have a networked environment, then you might be wise to get network-based protection. Most professional network-based antivirus systems and firewalls are very expensive, since they are aimed at large businesses, and everyone seems to agree that businesses should pay more. (Why? I dont know) I use WinProxy from Ositis Software. Its a firewall and network-based antivirus engine in one. Users can get content filtering for a pricier subscription; and (as the name implies) its a proxy server.

One reason Im a paying customer is that its the only product Ive found that offers affordable network-based protection for both. I also like the fact that the company doesnt hide its subscription costs, and why should it? At $10 per user per year, its a comparative bargain, and you can cut that to $8 per year by signing up for two years. Unfortunately, Ositis recently switched from using Trends scanner to Pandas, and it hasnt been the same. For the two or three years I used Trend, there were at most two viruses that got through Winproxy to my desktop scanners, but Ive had many since the move to Panda.

Finally, as I predicted prematurely many years ago, some ISPs are beginning to offer antivirus protection on the entire connection. My own ISP, Speakeasy.Net, offers antivirus and spam filtering using