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Aucsmith: The evolution of Palladium as it relates to rights management is very important. Were changing the PCs architecture, which has in the past been a fundamentally open architecture. A good example of what youll be able to do is with signing documents digitally. Right now, how do you know that the document you see on the screen is the one that youre actually signing? You dont. That will change. eWEEK: In general, do you think the company is improving as far as security goes? Are things getting better?
Aucsmith: Absolutely. Were making progress. I would not have gone to work there had they not been serious about it. Some of the recent hires weve made, like [Chief Security Strategist] Scott Charney, knowing him personally, I dont think he wouldve taken the job if he didnt think this was real. From what Ive seen, its definitely real. I havent been at Microsoft for a tremendously long amount of time, but my impression is that Microsoft makes very few dramatic paradigm statements like this. Saying that the Internet was it was one. I think the level of investment in security is at least as great as the level for when they decided to focus on the Internet. The processes we use to write secure code, the emphasis on every group thinking about security, thats all progress. The real measure will be Windows Server 2003. Thats the ultimate proof.
eWEEK: If that comes out and it turns out to be really vulnerable, what happens? Aucsmith: If it flops, that means the model we came up with is wrong. It doesnt mean we failed. But I honestly believe that the model we use is the best known practices. I do expect it to show some significant progress. Im feeling pretty good about it, but I fully expect the bad guys to be very innovative in attacking it. Im sure over time well have to respond [to some vulnerabilities]. It is an arms race. Latest Security News:
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