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By Brian Prince  |  Posted 2008-01-22 Print this article Print

Specifically, how do you see RSA bringing its products to bear when you work with companies such as VMware and Citrix?

Same basic things we do now. There's been four dimensions to the way we solve security problems that are very information-centric.

The first thing we do is we manage the security of access, by managing identity, so bringing SecurID and One-Time password technology to the remote use of a virtual machine. There's the security of the virtual machine itself, where we have a set of technologies, everything from role-based access control to technologies for better logging and auditing of the virtual machine environment.

On the image itself, there's the whole issue of encryption. It's all software so it becomes feasible to actually encrypt an entire machine, as well as to use our technologies to encrypt that conversation between points. All that encryption requires management of keys, with the number of virtual machines most companies are managing, the more they start to extend this to the desktop the more you have a key management problem, which is an opportunity for RSA's key management suite.

A very fascinating opportunity within the whole data loss space, I mean a virtual machine actually has every, it has the actual memory registers of the information, it has more detail on the data at hand than an application does. So while this is I think certainly something for the future, there's an opportunity to use that knowledge to do more-deep data inspection to help with the issue of loss prevention.

And then finally there's the whole making sure its all secure. How you collect information from the machines, understand whether or not they are conforming to policy, use that information to prove compliance. So same basic thing-secure the gear, the data, secure the access through the people and then prove compliance through security information and event management.

Looking ahead to this year, what does RSA see for itself in the security market?

I guess at the highest level, one of the themes that we've been talking about a lot internally is's very clear at this point that we are in a new era of information security, and the old guard is no longer viewed really in security as security leaders.

A lot of what's happening in the marketplace today is confusion and concern-and in some cases fear-people have over securing their information, over truly, fundamentally protecting their data.

It's a new era. It's all about securing the data, not so much about anti-virus and anti-malware.

For us the question is who's going to emerge as the leader of this new security world, and why not us? Why wouldn't RSA, as a division of EMC be capable of reaching for and establishing our presence, if not at the very top, in the top three of security companies worldwide because it's become a lot more about the things we do.


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