Internet Explorer 6 Must Die Quickly: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-03-08 Print this article Print

News Analysis: Microsoft says that it wants to start "moving the world off Internet Explorer 6." There are a lot of reasons why that's a good idea. But the main reason is this aged and defective Windows edition is a dangerous security risk.

Microsoft made a surprising move recently, saying that it wants to unite people around the globe in finally putting Internet Explorer 6 to rest. The company even created a Website where people can track Internet Explorer use around the world. Currently, according to the site, Internet Explorer 6 is being used by 12 percent of the world. Microsoft would like to see that figure drop to less than one percent as soon as possible.

Microsoft's desire to see Internet Explorer 6 die is something that everyone should get behind. Lest one forgets, Internet Explorer 6 was an absolute mess that caused security problems for anybody who used it anywhere in the world. The browser is still an issue that folks are dealing with. The time has come for Internet Explorer 6 to die. The browser has no value any longer, and it's proving to be even more of a problem than it was when it first launched.

Read on to find out why Internet Explorer 6 should die as quickly as possible.

1. The obvious: security

Although Microsoft likes to point to "privacy," the real issue the company should see with Internet Explorer 6 is its insecurity. People around the globe that use the browser are far more likely to get hit with malware than those who use current-generation browsers, such as Firefox or even Internet Explorer 8. The browser was designed for a time when security threats weren't as sophisticated as they are now. The longer people stick with Internet Explorer 6, the greater their chances of finding that out.

2. It's too slow

Try to surf the Web on Internet Explorer 6. Chances are those who are used to current-generation browsers will be disgusted by what they find. Internet Explorer 6 is ridiculously slow. The simple experience of surfing the Web is practically ruined with the software. Considering that flying around the Internet as quickly as possible is one of the most important attractions of Web use, Internet Explorer 6 just doesn't seem like the best option for, well, anyone.

3. The migration to Internet Explorer 8 isn't bad

Some companies are loath to switch to Internet Explorer 6 because they fear that the applications that they currently rely on won't work with Internet Explorer 8. But as Microsoft points out on its "Internet Explorer 6 Countdown" page, the migration isn't as bad as companies think. Not only are there other solutions out there that might do a better job, but the incremental benefit of moving to the new browser might actually prove more appealing than sticking with outdated software. Although the move might seem rather troublesome at first glance, companies shouldn't be scared to leave Internet Explorer 6 behind.

4. Google Chrome is a better option

Microsoft undoubtedly wouldn't agree with such a sentiment, but part of the reason Internet Explorer 6 should die has to do with Google Chrome. The search giant's Web browser is an outstanding alternative to Internet Explorer 6, and every other version of Microsoft's software. Chrome is fast, it has a nice user interface, and it's quite secure. It's the browser that many more people should be using.

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