Microsoft Walks Fine Line on Malware Removal

By Larry Seltzer  |  Posted 2005-01-10 Print this article Print

Opinion: The security software business is better off without Microsoft competing, but are we? Look for the company to proceed guardedly into this market.

Back in DOS 5.0, Microsoft included an anti-virus scanner (a licensed version of Central Points PC Tools scanner). That was Microsofts last entry into the anti-malware market with a real product, back in an era when viruses generally needed floppy disks to spread. That scanner didnt even make it to DOS 6.0, and here we are, well over a decade later, and things have changed in almost every way. Malware is a major problem for everyone, a huge industry has grown around fighting it, and Microsoft can no longer include whatever it wishes in its operating systems.

I grow impatient with observers who get mad at Microsoft for not including full-blown anti-virus protection in Windows. Sure, Id like it, too, but theres a big problem with this approach.
If you think including a Web browser with the operating system was anti-competitive (personally, I dont think it was), wait til you see the blood in the streets when they include anti-virus. Theres no way the government