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an Anti-Virus Vendor"> Many companies are facing incredible challenges here. We clearly see a roadmap to build that product line out and ultimately keep extending it with additional offerings. Its a nascent, growing, massive market.
So, you cringed when I called you an anti-virus vendor. Whats up with that?
You look at what were doing, were far from being an anti-virus-only company. Weve expanded so far beyond that. Were doing data loss protection, Web site security management, [giving service on the consumer side], and then the whole global marketplace is another interesting conversation. If you look at all the components around that, AV is just a sliver, but its a piece we have to do a better job talking to. [Weve got to strengthen our] marketing and our strategic alliance plan. In the last 24 hours, I had a dozen different alliance opportunities presented to me, with companies who want a better go to market model. Theres a lot of opportunity for our company to leverage that. One is EMC, and then there are opportunities in storage, servers, virtualization, mobile technologies—they all create an opportunity for a pure-play security vendor to focus on, where everybody else has natural enemies in their sector. The company I was just at, [EMC], one thing they did was security. Symantec, one thing they do is security. [Ditto for Microsoft and many other companies.] Its hard to do a lot of things and security just be one of them. Its challenging to have a security division as one of many, many products. Were focused on one thing, security. What are you going to work on first? Theres a lot of internal operational things I have to go do. Such as making a world class showcase for the world to know that McAfee has arrived at a much better place than what its gone through. [Theres a] handful of other things. Part of it will involve discussions were having right now. Its a learning process for me. I need a 360-degree view of the company. Part is interviewing customers and partners, getting perspective for what are influencers on the company. We also need a more aggressive marketing strategy. I see all these assets, and I see this incredible franchise and the incredible opportunity here, but we need to do a better job as a company [to exploit those opportunities]. You mentioned that the global marketplace is a whole conversation unto itself. Whats up there? Were a pretty global company to start, which is a good place to be when you enter the picture. You see emerging markets and you see incredible opportunities. Theres double, triple growth opportunities in Brazil [and other emerging markets]. McAfee has a low percentage of revenue as it relates to emerging market opportunities. Theres lots of room for growth. McAfee dives into data loss prevention. Click here to read more. I dont have to go out and buy companies in another language. Or to [do anything special to] go to market in Russia in Cyrillic. These products are built that way already. India is a whole conversation, and Chinas a whole conversation. The system integrators in India, and those that are America-based, theres hardly one out there that doesnt see security as a driver for their consulting practices. If youre TAT or Infosys, do you choose between partnering with IBM and competing with them on their security services, or with Microsoft? Or do you choose to partner with McAfee? I need to go after that and [have McAfee] be seen as a great partnering company for those [players]. Check out eWEEK.coms Security Center for the latest security news, reviews and analysis. And for insights on security coverage around the Web, take a look at eWEEKs Security Watch blog.


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