Enterprises Want Integrated IT Management Services

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-01-04 Print this article Print


5. It speaks to Dell's new focus 

By acquiring SecureWorks less than a month after buying Compellent, a storage provider that competed with 3PAR, Dell is now showing the focus of its future business strategy. PCs and servers are still integral to its operation; tablets and smartphones will also play a role. But the enterprise seems to be taking center stage. And given the areas Dell has of late invested in, that could be a good thing for its bottom line. 

6. The easiest IT management offering will win 

Dell seems committed to being a top IT-as-a-service provider, which can only be achieved by delivering the best and easiest to use tools at the best price. Consolidation is often panned by critics who want to see small companies get a fair deal. But when it comes to enterprise customers, using a service such as Dell's-which combines multiple aspects of IT management, including a full-fledged security solution-is quite appealing. 

7. It's not the second choice 

When Dell made its bid for 3PAR, the PC maker was met with competing offers from HP. It eventually lost the bid for the company, forcing it to choose Compellent, which was its second choice. But SecureWorks seems to be Dell's first choice, which should indicate that the company knows what it's getting and knows what it wants to do with SecureWorks' services. That should give it the upper hand it needs to compete more effectively in the enterprise. 

8. It could help the PC business 

Make no mistake that Dell is always thinking about the impact certain deals might have on its PC business. After all, Dell is still a PC company at heart, with everything else second. Realizing that, by infiltrating the corporate world with SecureWorks and its other options, the company could see more firms adopt its PCs. The Halo Effect is very real, and it could benefit Dell quite heavily bit. 

9. Changing the balance of power? 

By making a significant play for the enterprise, Dell could be undergoing an internal shift in the balance of power. The company's CEO, Michael Dell, is most capable at handling the PC market-the business on which his company was founded. But it's debatable, given Dell's recent financial performance, whether or not the CEO is capable of running his now multifaceted company. By acquiring Compellent and SecureWorks, one wonders if there is a shift in focus, and, thus, in the balance of power at Dell that's causing its recent moves. If so, it could be good for the company. 

10. It's a battle with HP  Dell might have a lot of competitors in several different markets, but HP is the single company that the PC maker should be most concerned about. Not only is HP tops in the PC space, but it also delivers a multitude of enterprise solutions that have proven extremely successful. With the help of SecureWorks, Dell is, at the very least, proving that it's willing to do what it must to gain some ground on HP in IT services.

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